May 8 • 23M

Storytime: "Killing Teddy"

Come 'round, folks, & listen up. Every Monday, we'll sit 'round the campfire & tell stories. Sometimes they'll be creepy. Sometimes they'll be funny. Sometimes they'll be creepy & funny. Tune in!

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William Pauley III
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Title: “Killing Teddy” (AKA “The Third Floor” & “Insection 8”)

Synopsis: A slumlord discovers two of his tenants are competing in a dangerous reality game show that’s been taking a toll on his building. After repeatedly ignoring his requests, he busts into their apartment and is shocked to see the tenant has fully transitioned into a man-sized carpenter ant. Hoping to not be evicted from their home, they explain to their landlord just how the game works—one of them has been challenged to live a full life cycle of every creature on earth, and to speed things up, the other must come up with creative ways in which to kill him. After discovering how much they stand to win, he joins in on the fun!

First published: Creature Features anthology, edited by Sam E. Cox (2009), House of Horror

Appears in: Goddamn Electric Nights by William Pauley III, DOOM FICTION

Written by William Pauley III

Narrated by Connor Brannigan